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Types of Online Poker

The number of variants of Poker is very large. Poker has adapted to different places, people and thoughts. The original game is what is known as 5 Card Draw but today there are endless variants. The most practiced professionally, through the Internet, is Texas Holdem. Apart from these two great types, which we explain in more detail below, there are many others that are well worth knowing and trying.The first big distinction that needs to be made is between No Limit, Limit and Pot Limit. The Limit is the maximum that a player is allowed to bet on each betting round. The No Limit Poker is the purest type and is the most common in the big tournaments. Probably this is the most exciting and addictive variant. There is no limit or restriction when betting, and at any time we can bet all our chips - the famous All in if we wish.

Other highlighted modalities - Omaha: This variant of Texas Holdem is played with the substantial difference that four covered cards are dealt to each player instead of two. The player is required to use two of his four cards and three of the five cards that are uncovered in the center of the table. It must be taken into account because having more cards are linked to higher plays. The betting procedure is the same as that of Holdem Poker. The first round of betting after the first deal and the following rounds after the flop of three cards, the turn and the river.

5 Card Stud

First each player receives two initial cards, one covered and one uncovered. The first round of bets is made and, once closed, each player receives a new uncovered card and another betting round is made until each player has five cards, one covered and four uncovered. At the end of the last round the cards are shown. Whoever has a better combination wins. In case of a tie, the suit of the card is taken into account. The order of greatest to least: Spades, Hearts, Rhombuses and Clubs.

7 Card

The rules are similar to 5 Card Stud but three initial cards are dealt to each player, two covered and one uncovered. The following are equally distributed three in each round of betting and discovered until the seventh, which is again covered. At the end each player has three cards covered and four cards uncovered. Five betting rounds are made if the end is reached, that is, one more than in the 5 Card Stud and the suit is also taken into account in case of a tie.

Video Poker

It is played on machines and, like any slot, you have to enter coins or chips. A button is pressed - usually Deal - and five letters are received. Then we select the letters that we want to stay and we discard the others by receiving new ones. If you get a better hand than the machine, you win.

Strip Poker

This erotic game is usually played under the rules of Draw Poker. After each hand, the loser has to take off a piece of clothing. The one who does a bad business ends up naked at the end. The Strip Poker is very popular and there is a World Championship of the specialty.

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