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There are quite a number of game systems and strategies that are meant to be used to create advantages over the casino. Two things are common to almost all casino systems, and they are that they involve input structures, that is, not individual game options, and they are progressive, that is, the size of the bet will change as you win or lose.

When we begin to review some of the most common systems, we'll answer the question you're guessing and basing on, namely, if there's an absolutely sure way to win at the casino. The short and perhaps somewhat disappointing answer is no. There are no safe games at the casino. It would be a shame if it actually did, because in practice it would be impossible for a casino to survive economically. Casino games are about the excitement that there is a chance of winning big money by turn (and in some cases a little bit of skill). The random mechanisms and casino benefits are built into the games and it is impossible for you as a player to find systems that guarantee you win.

However, it may be worth mentioning that there are a few cases when players made the way to win a lot of money, but then it has been possible because of roulette wheels that had defects that made them predictable, blackjack games with so few card games that you can count the cards or software bugs in video poker machines. What you could possibly hope for while playing online is that you will find a strategy that utilizes an unprecedented bug in some casino games, but this can be said to be very unlikely.

However, there are casino strategies and systems that can be used to effectively smooth out the deepest valleys. Other systems are used to maximize the value of individual profits. Here are some briefs about four common casino systems that you can try as part of your casino strategy. Note that they are created for games where you get even cash in profit. The systems thus work for example black / red, odd / even and low / high on roulette as well as on blackjack. Just remember that you're not guaranteed winning game sessions just because you're using a casino system.

D'Alembert system - D'Alembert system is an excellent example of a progressive casino betting system. The short version of the system is that you should increase your bet with a basic bet, or unit if you want, at a loss and reduce the bet with the same value on profit. If you start playing with $ 50 and lose, you will increase in the next game round by just $ 50 and then bet $ 100. If you win the game round you will reduce the bet by 50 kr.

1-3-2-6 - 1-3-2-6 is a casino system that will give a relatively even return on a mathematical basis. The whole thing works like placing a basic bet in a first game round. In winnings you then bet 3x the basic bet. In a second win in a row, you bet 2x the prize and in a third successive win you then bet 6x the prize. If you lose you start from the beginning.

The Fibonacci System - Among his main discoveries is the speech series that carries his name. Fibonaccital is an infinite series of numbers, each of which is the sum of the two previous languages. The first number is 0. Then follows 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 and so on. If you want to use the Fibonacci system, start by choosing basic effort, for example 10 kr. If you win, look at the number two steps to the left of the series to see how much you will bet in the next round. If you lose, you'll instead look at the speech right to the right.

The Martingale system - The Martingale system is the definitely least complicated casino strategy and at the same time it has probably ruined most players over the years. Use at your own risk! The very simple principle behind the Martingale system is that you will double your bet at loss until you win a win. In theory, the system works perfectly, but the size of your wallet or the casino's maximum limit for action can put the wheel in practice. For example, say you bet $ 50 and lose, whereupon you bet $ 100 and lose. If you are unlucky and continue to lose you will have to bet 200 kr, 400 kr, 800 kr, 1 600 kr, 3 200 kr, 6 400 kr, 12 800 kr, 25 600 kr, etc. depending on when you win next.

Which casino strategy should you choose?

Before you even think about trying out a casino game strategy, make sure you really understand the winning odds for the different options you have in a casino game. This mainly refers to table games, because you do not have so many choices directly on the slot machines. But in blackjack and baccarat, there can be a big difference in how big your winning chances depend on the choices you make in the game and what you put your money on.

Once you have the basics and probabilities of the game to win on all different game options, you can choose systems based on what you feel most comfortable with. None of the strategies will absolutely guarantee you win a lot of money, but they differ in how much you have to bet in different modes and how complicated systems are. If you are in doubt, try out for fun games at a casino and you will learn how the system feels and works.

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