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The network offers lots of opportunities to play Roulette online. Playing Roulette online means you can easily choose which game level best suits you and your wallet, and you can also play multiple hands at the same time, as in a "regular" casino.

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The image of a Roulette wheel is too many the first to imagine when you hear the word casino, often accompanied by a lazy razor from the countless number of energetic bandits spotting big winnings somewhere in the background. The game is known as guessing what slot The rolling ball finally ends when the centrifugal force is no longer enough. If you guess you win 35 times your bet! There are of course more exciting ways to win and today's modern online casinos offer, in addition to the classic games, several special variants with extra winning chances. We have of course tested and evaluated everything our Swedish online casinos have to offer in roulette way so you can easily understand the differences and find the game that suits you.

Even though there are no stupid questions, it feels a bit unhappy to stand in their own right among mass-routed, half-full-blown besser wissers and ask the roulette operator what a "Cheval" is. The difference between a physical casino and our recommended online variants is not only that you can familiarize yourself with the game in peace and quiet, but also that a deposit that is usually matched to 100% of the House (a deposit of 500kr gives you game fields worth $ 1000 - The same five hundred in a cash register at, for example, our State Casino Cosmopol, we have never seen increased value when they return in the form of playing fields).

Our recommended casinos offer not only a juicy bonus when you insert a slant but also the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the game, on your terms. However, considering that the turnover requirement for your bonus usually does not apply in the same way to Roulette as for slot machines, always check the bonus rules before you begin earning your bonus money.

Roulette Rules

First of all, you can categorize Roulette's betting opportunities in two groups: inside and outside bets. With "inside" you mean bets that take place within the numbered field consisting of numbers 0 to 36. Of course, with "outside", it refers to bets that go beyond that field, for example. on black or red. In general, you can say that inside bets pay better than bets outside. The payout ratio on a Roulette table is determined by the following formula: (36 / n) -1 where n is equal to the number of bet numbers. Say you're doing a straight-up bet (more about terms and betting options below) which means you're betting on a song. If you were to score correctly, you will get back (36/1) -1 which is 35. Should you instead make a Split bet, place your marks on the line between two numbers and either of the two would enter you will get back / 2) -1 = 17 times the money. When outside bets consist of considerably more chances, they do not pay as well, for example, you bet the ball will end up in red (36/18) -1 = 1 doubles the amount you bet on profit.

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