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Freemasons or free spins literally means that you can test these free spins, free spins or even free spins, ie spins at a game machine with real money without deposit. In some cases, these examples require a deposit, but there are also examples without deposit. Free examples, where you do not need to deposit real money, are particularly popular with new customers in online casinos and often belong to the starter package for the registration.

Starburst particularly popular for free samples without deposit

Once you have received the free samples without deposit, there are mostly new examples for new customers with the first deposit from a certain minimum sum. Depending on the online casino, we are talking about hundreds of frees that are credited in free spins or at a time. The classic and standard for money with and without deposit is NetEntertainment's Starburst slot machine, but there are also examples for other game machines like Microgaming or Betsoft. An insider tip from us for you: At the online casino LeoVegas there are examples with deposit for the progressive jackpot slot Mega Fortune Dreams for the direct way to the millionaire!

Different Types of Examples - Exactly explained

Examples without deposit

The most popular form of games you can get at an online svenska casinon, which is equally popular with both new and existing customers. Here you do not have to make a deposit, but can get started directly after you have either regrouped or participate in a bonus action, in which it is expressions free with no deposit.

Frees without a deposit basically have a higher sales condition than if you have previously made a deposit. Often, the winnings are limited to a certain limit, for example in the 888 Casino, even if the condition does not apply when the jackpot has been cracked.

Rarely are bonus codes required here, unless there is a special and exclusive action an online casinos, in which the bonus code must be entered into the bonus field. A credit is usually immediately, but it can also be that you have to contact the customer service, but this is also indicated in the related information.

Examples with deposit

Most online casinos offer examples against a certain deposit, as can be seen, for example, in the online casino BuzzSlots, where there are daily offers for every bankroll. Quite often, they are part of a new customer bonus package, in which there were examples without deposit for the registration and now additional examples per deposit as part of the welcome bonus offer.

s Good to know is also here, that in case of example packages as for example with the new customer bonus the examples in the very least cases immediately all credited at once, but over a certain period of time. A good example of this is, for example, the online casino of CrazyWinners, in which there are 180 examples after the first deposit, which on 9 consecutive days the account the Frexions aufbuchen.

Again, you should take a look at the bonus conditions, because there are often differences between the sales conditions of the bonuses and those of the frees. A closer look is therefore definitely in case you want to save yourself surprises.

Free terms and terms of sales in online casinos

A word about the sales terms that belong to each bonus offer and thus also to the freerolls or free spins in any online casino. Free examples are fun and are like a real bonus without deposit a great entry into every online casino and for more information read our blog Nevertheless, you should take a close look at the betting conditions for winnings from Freispielen, because these are often different from the ones with deposit.

This can mean, for example, that the profits have to be implemented more frequently in a certain and often short period of time. In other cases, non-cash deposits do not have any sales conditions, but are limited to a maximum sum of winnings. In order to be able to pay out these winnings, a deposit usually takes place at least, which is always stated in the general terms and conditions.

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