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We live in a world of entertainment, a world where games and fun are part of everyday life. In the past, having to go to a casino or take the long trip with the danish boat to enjoy some spin on a slot machine, you can now do everything from the comfort of your own living room. Slot machines have evolved indefinitely, and are today some of the funniest things you can do online. We will tell the readers about the latest machines, about the amazing 3D slots and modern classics released. Readers will have an overview of the slots we have reviewed, and some quick clicks are all available to get to know everything you need.


We will of course include information about the slot machine and its theme, grading it for graphics, payouts and bets, as well as immerse ourselves in various details. Here you will find information about the best bonuses, the biggest jackpots and the highest payouts out there. With hundreds of available slot machines it is important to be able to read up on the various features and themes so that you do not waste time on boring machines. Know what you're up to, white exactly where to go and when you should use the different offers. Get to know the world of online casinos and know yourself as an expert. You have the interest and the questions, we have the overview and the answers.

Game Developers

Although some online casinos make their own slot machines, most people choose to offer machines created by renowned game developers. The two absolute biggest are Microgaming and Net Entertainment, which has given them a lot of attention, but they should keep an eye on less game developers like casino. That's how to make sure to always bring the most exciting slot machines on the market.

Microgaming Slots

With over two successful decades behind the back you can safely say that Microgaming is veterans in the industry. They release amazing slot machines on a regular basis, and always keep an exceptionally high standard. Microgaming slot machines differ dramatically from the crowd, especially because the vast majority of them have exciting themes rooted in TV shows, movies and comics. Microgaming has acquired a lot of rights from the entertainment industry, making them a unique company with big plans for the future.

Slot Machines From Net Entertainment

This extremely popular game developer with headquarters in city has grown to giant size in recent years. Net Entertainment, or NetEnt, as they are often called, pours out graphically-perfect slot machines in the cabin and pine. Every slot machine that Net Entertainment puts on the market is greeted with ecstasy, and most machines reach the leaderboards already the first week after they are released. Net Entertainment is also behind a host of progressive jackpots, and has released many millions of dollars in winnings to lucky casino players around the world.

Slot Machines on The Mobile

Now that modern mobile phones have taken on the world market, game developers have understood how important it is to make slot machines for the mobile. We will keep readers up to date on what slot machines have been customized for mobile games so that entertainment can always be brought out. Boredom on the bus or while waiting for the everlasting train? No thanks, never again!

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