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What attracts the players who dream of cashing in the casino a lot of money and winning the jackpot in the first place? Of course, there are free slot machine games with bonuses). They are the ones that allow you to make a really big profit without spending large sums of money. And the variation of slots with bonus allows you to choose the most beneficial and fascinating game for you. There are two types of slots with free bonus: slots with the possibility of doubling or increasing the gain already obtained a few times, or slot machines with additional bonus games. And in most cases these two functions are put together in a slot machine.

The doubling of the gain is a risky game, in which by realization of the simple actions the gain can be increased a few times. For this it is necessary to fulfill some conditions. First, as a result of a regular round of the game you must obtain the combination for which the profit is paid. Second, accept the risky game - since it is voluntarily and no one requires you to participate in a risky diversion, where you can lose the prize received. And finally, to double the profit it is necessary to fulfill a special condition - for example, to guess the color of the closed card. There is one more variant of the condition - choose one of the closed cards placed on the screen, so that it is greater in value than the card already opened. If you manage to fulfill the condition, your profit will automatically be increased twice. In such a risky game there are levels, so you can increase the gain completely two, four, six, eight and ten times. Of course, provided that you have the fortune continuously. Otherwise, any error will immediately lead to the gain becoming zero.

Much more beneficial is the variety of free slot games with bonuses, in which each player does not have to risk the prize already received. But it is not so simple to participate in such a round of bonuses: for this it is necessary that on the screen during a regular spin the combination of special symbols be dropped. You can always know what symbols and how much are needed to start the bonus game in the paytable of the slot machine.

In the lossless game the player does not have to guess anything and can not lose his win in any case - conversely, you can only receive an additional win or end the round without a win, but the prizes previously received are not lost. The rules of the additional rounds are very simple: it is necessary for example to choose some elements in the game screen, with all that under each image (or symbol) a prize of money of the determined sizes is hidden. All these prizes received are added and charged to the player's account.

Of course there are the most difficult bonus games that most resemble modern computer games - in them the player has to perform many actions. For example, in the bonus game in the slot machine The Incredible Hulk the paper player of Hulk will explode the cars and shoot down the helicopters! It is not surprising that people like slots games with bonuses so much - because it is a fascinating experience that does not detract from computer and video games, but also ensures big money prizes.

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