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To attract their customers, casinos all over the world have their advertising strategies, but the best known and appreciated is surely the bonus system. The bonuses are for real casinos rewards to offer to their loyal customers or players who have spent a lot of money in their establishments. It can be a free hotel room or access to VIP rooms for the player and his companions.

The Welcome Bonus

The bonuses are very popular especially in casinos. There are different kinds of bonuses that mostly allow you to play free spins on the sites in question. These bonuses are usually sums of money that can reach up to a few thousand of country. These offers are opportunities to seize and are often very interesting.

The welcome bonus or sign-up bonus is, as its name suggests, a bonus offered to the player who signs up for a casino gaming platform. By displaying the amount of his bonus in plain sight on his site, the casino will titillate the curiosity of the player. The online casino platforms that offer the most advantageous welcome bonus are however to be taken with tweezers because of their conditions of use. The welcome offers are the main attractions of casinotiers of the sector.Most of the time, welcome bonuses are only granted to the player who makes his registration and makes his first deposit. This bonus represents a percentage of the amount deposited on the player's account and can arrive at 100% of this amount.

Deposit Bonuses

Similar to welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses are offered to the user who makes a deposit on the online casino platform. This is often a percentage of the amount deposited by the player in his account. This bonus applies to the first deposit and all others that follow. Whenever the player makes a transfer to his player account, the online casino will offer him a bonus that will then inflate a little more his wallet.These bonuses are not very important, but it does not prevent they are very used by the players as they always present at each deposit.

First Deposit Bonuses

This type of bonus is a promotion offered to play subject to a first deposit on the online casino. Usually expressed as a percentage, it is only available to new players. He must then have filled all the information requested by the casino during his registration. Casinos often require minimum deposits and a cap for these bonuses and are not cashable immediately.

The No Deposit Bonus

Depositless bonuses are very popular with netizens who enjoy casino games without playing real money. With this bonus, he can enjoy these favorite games and bet money that is not his. How does it work? After registering on an online casino site, the new member will receive a free bonus without having to make any deposit. A sum of money is attributed to him to discover the different games offered by the same casino and start playing. This type of bonus is very interesting especially for players who have no experience in gambling. This bonus allows you to understand how the casino works, but especially to learn how to play the different games offered by the platform. The player will be able to try some games within the limit of his bonus and choose more easily on which to make bets with real money.

Loyalty Bonuses

This type of bonus is only available to players who have spent a certain amount of time on the platform. It is calculated on the playing frequency, the amount of the deposits, the duration of adhesion to the platform of play. These bonuses represent usually a percentage of the total sum of the deposits made by the player and can increase little by little over the time. They are offered every week, all minus from a certain amount exceeded.

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