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How to Play Texas Hold'em Poker

Once you get to this article, it's conscious, subconscious or unconscious (it does not matter!) You've taken one of the best decisions in your life: learning to play poker! Among countless games of chance and gambling in general, poker simply reigns on a golden throne. So, the slots have cool lights and the jackpots are huge. Yes, the roulette is awesome and the little white ball can change your life. No game, however, has the elegance and power of poker!

Poker is an intellectual game, also known as the thinking man's game. Learning to play poker, you are doing yourself a favor because this game develops strategic thought, creates a great thrill, and last but not least, of course, can solidly fill your pocket. The multiplayer poker is many, but the most common game is Texas poker or so-called Texas Hold'em. As you can guess, the origin of the game comes from the cult American state of Texas, its history is long and interesting, and its spread today - world-wide.

Goal of The Game

The game is most often played in tournaments in which all players start with an equal amount of chip betting. The goal is to play until there is only one player on the table, which is the winner of the tournament. In some tournaments, there may be more than one winning player and split the prize pool.

How to Play Texas Hold'em

In short, every player on the table receives two cards and the goal is to make the best combination of five cards (poker hand) with these two cards (or one of them) together with some of the five cards that open up the table is common to everyone.Poker hands that are considered profitable will list you below. They have their own hierarchy, according to which one determines whose hand wins (beats the combinations of the others). In poker you play against the players at the table, not against the casino.Here we will brief you, but in sufficient detail, with the rules of classic Texas poker. Keep in mind that when you play online, many of these things happen automatically, but it's good to know how and why they happen, is not it? Pay attention to the terms we use, because once we explain what a term means, we will use it without any clarification on to get used to poker jargon.

Types of Texas Hold'em

Texas Texas Poker is a certain type of poker, but it also has varieties that are only related to the types of bets that players are allowed to place. The rules that we will later tell you are the same for all of these types, but from the bets we'll focus on No Limit Texas Hold'em (no limit).

No Limit: Definitely the most popular version of Texas Hold'em. Each player has the right to bet all his chips (all-in) in each round.

Fixed Limit: One bet is the big blind, you can never bet or raise more than one big blind. Opponents may, of course, re-raise you.

Pot Limit: Each player can bet an amount up to the size of the pot. In other words, this is a mix of the risk between no limit and fixed limit.

Dealer: The cards give away and opens the dealer. Every player on the table goes through the role of a dealer, the order of the game goes clockwise. Normally, the dealer has a button for his feature. When playing live, the first tournament dealer is chosen by card withdrawal, and in online poker he is automatically randomly selected. The dealer distributes two cards to each player and is responsible for the opening of the community cards at each betting round (and they are four). The two cards of each player are hole cards.

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