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How to Play Blackjack

No, not Sparrow. He will not be Daniels, but if you want one. Ripper? Let's be more joyful. It's not just gambling, no matter how cool they are. Sometimes he calls us something ... more classical. In fact, today we will learn together how to play blackjack. You have long been tempted to learn, have you? Nowadays computerized versions make the deep knowledge of the rules of such games seemingly unnecessary, but we both know that a real player never sits at a table unprepared. That's why in this article you will find all the information you need, plus the important details, minus the superfluous and in our typical style: in accessible language with a friendly tone and a slight taste of the good old gambler's humor.

What is A Blackjack?

Simply and easily, the blackjack is one of the gems in the crown of gambling. He dignified among poker and roulette, considered to be one of the most classy and intelligent gambling games. Why? Because it's one of those games where you make your own luck. That is, you put part of thought and strategy into your game. The players of this game do not eat just for profit. They enjoy the process itself. Earlier the blackjack was known by the name "21", and soon you will also understand why.

Every gambling type has its own preference, but it's not a lie that a large part of our community falls on cards. Regardless of the game, the moment the ball takes part, something shudders in us. Blackjack is from the games you use cards. If it has not already won you, maybe the following paragraphs, where we will reveal the rules of the game, will do the job.

How to Play Blackjack

We'll start with the most basic rules in blackjack. Goal of the game: The main purpose of the game is relatively simple, but the performance is not so much. In blackjack, you play against Dealer. Your goal is to have your hand consisting of two cards in the first place to match a total of points closer to or equal to 21 points in the Dealer's hand (also initially two cards). It is important that your score does not exceed 21, because in that case you are "bust" -nat (bankrupt) and you lose automatically. The same goes for the Dealer.

Here is the time to help you avoid the mistake many beginners do in their strategy. Attention should be paid to having more points in your hand than the dealer's, rather than being as close to 21. In fact, blackjack is the name of the hand consisting of an ace and a ten-point card , which makes the total sum of the points exactly 21. How are the points calculated will explain a bit later. It is important to know that you hold these two cards, you have a blackjack and you are the man! That is, you automatically win, as long as the dealer also does not hold a blackjack, which makes the score equal.

How many deck chips are in play depends on the casino you are playing. Usually they are between 4 and 6, because casinos reduce your chances of "counting" the cards and thus ensure that the advantage falls into your hands. Among us, this does not interfere with the counting of cards, it only makes it difficult. We have already mentioned that you play here for points. The paint of the cards is of no importance. Points are considered by the value of each card:

From 2 to 10: Cards 2 through 10 wear as many points as the face value. That is, if you have a three-pointer in your hand, no matter what the paint, it's three points. If your other card is ten, it's ten points, and you have 13 points in your hand. Pop, Ladies, Jacks: Each of these cards corresponds to 10 points. Ace: Can match both a point and a 11 , and this value is taken, which is in the player's interest (that is, which forms a better hand point).

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