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The truth behind the numbers

If you’re a frequent player of the same type of bingo game, we would assume that you would say there are 90 numbers in a game of bingo. After all, number 90 ‘top of the shops’ isn’t it? Well yes, you’re right in that there are 90 numbers in a game of bingo, much as there is a 90-ball game of bingo. However, it isn’t the only type of bingo out there.

In a game which is dominated by numbers, putting an exact figure on how many numbers are involved in a game is harder than you think. The bingo experts at Paddy Power Bingo have broken it down into a simple formula which can help increase your luck.

First of all, the type of bingo that you’re playing will determine how many balls there are. There isn’t just a 90-ball variant, there are 75, 80, and even Swedish ball variants, each of them having different grid structures and rules.

Secondly, the number of possible balls can be determined by seeing the numbers that appear on your card or ticket.

On a single 90-ball bingo card, there be 15 number displayed on the card, along with some blank spaces which are meaningless. On an 80-ball game there will be 16 numbers displayed on their card, representing one in five of the total balls. In a 75-ball game, you will have a 5X5 grid filled with 25 numbers leavening no spaces.

Naturally, when you buy more tickets the total number of numbers will increase. This doesn’t increase your chances of winning on any one ticket, but it gives you more chances to win overall, makes every number count towards that big win.

Strangely, another aspect to consider when playing your next game is the number of players, you might not think that this could have any bearing on the bac but the more players that are in the room, the likelier it is that somebody will in a fewer number of calls.

If you’re playing in a busy bingo hall, you’ll probably see fewer balls drawn in total, and longer gaps between the games just because the wins will be coming in faster in each game. This will not have any effect on your chances of winning it just means you’re competing against a larger field of opponents.

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