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Bingo was originally launched in the 1990s as an online based game. The game has four main variations all around the globe. It commonly involves a seventy-five ball version of the actual game played on a five by five card whose middle part is marked out with the word BINGO. The player’s main aim is to achieve a desired pattern by marking off different numbers on the balls. The ball game is not played the same way throughout the globe and variations may come from the fact that players in Europe, Australia and parts of South America use a ninety-ball version. Quickerof the game versions on the other hand are played using thirty balls instead and the last type of bingo is played with eighty balls. This last type of bingo is the most commonly played.

Online Bingo sites

Over the years, playing Bingo has become popular more so on the online scene. There are various online bingo playing sites that support different playing partners. The first interesting online Bingo site is called Bingo cabin. Bingo cabin is a very interactive and fun platform that offers you the chance to play Bingo with an avatar. This site offers a 3D interactive platform where one can get to participate in various games, competitions and promotions for the sake of your entertainment.

Jackpot Fortune Bingo is another popular bingo site that has over three hundred games. The site also offers tournaments for both bingo and casino with generous prizes and jackpots. This site is highly rated with an easy to use and friendly interface. The game site is extremely interactive and will make the player enjoy every moment of the game. During the week the platform hosts different types of competitions, for example, Thursday is commonly referred to as ‘Smack down Thursday’. The generous bingo promotions are going on every day.

Bingo Canada is a new site that has everything a Bingo player would be interested in. The site offers a chance to use real money or free bingo the choice depends on the user. The online site features various special offers with examples being mid specials, Hilda’s Revenge and Ladies Day. The prizes offered are very amazing and various jackpots are available. This online platform is very interesting and allows the player to have a great feel of the game and get the output that they desire. The price for sign ups and deposits are very affordable and rather worth the package that they are offered for.

Titanbet Bingo is a UK based online Bingo site that offers a bonus upon signing up. The site is very easy to access and allows you to use the best features of Bingo with a very interactive and magical user interface. The site is rated highly in the Bingo community throughout the world since it has the best features a bingo site should have. The site is available on various platforms, namely, android, blackberry, windows and Mac. This makes it available for a variety of users thus very convenient.

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