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Las Vegas, also known as the City of Lights or the Entertainment Capital of the World, I well and truly living up to its name these days. Once known for its tables, slots and casino roulette ‘Sin City’ is becoming better known for its entertainment and hospitality.

In 1977 a record 10 million people flocked to the city with gambling being the first thing on their mind. Legendary casinos such as Stardust, Caesars Palace and the Flamingo enticed the working class through their doors with stories of winning big, wagering their kids’ college funds on the tables and coming away with millions. Whilst that probably didn’t happen on that many occasions it’s what kept the people coming through the door, the chance of changing their lives for the better with a few days of fun and excitement.

Fast forward to 2017 though and it’s a completely different story, the casinos of old have been replaced by entire resorts. With rooms that would have been fit for millionaires in the 70’s and it’s less about the gambling. Las Vegas has become the centre of America for boxing, shows and conventions and that’s shown it the figures.

See the infographic below to see how much Vegas has changed in the last 30 years:

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