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Clash of the God’s – Who is the most powerful?

Whilst looking for the best online casino, we happened across the Age of the Gods series. The ultimate meeting of the most powerful Greek Gods in a slots game, and it got us thinking – who would really win in a clash of the god’s?

Zeus should win, right? Since he’s the King and considered the most powerful of all the Olympians. Ruler of the sky, wielder of lightning bolts, all that stuff?

But if you think about it, Hades is also looking like a pretty solid contender. If you look at the Clash of the God’s game as a showcase of the Gods best “moves”, you see he’s got some nifty tricks up his sleeve. Hades has some pretty intriguing powers such as controlling the dead, a helmet that renders him invisible, controlling darkness etc. He also has the most level-headed demeanour, so he is probably less susceptible to succumbing to fear or bad decision-making himself (he’s not exactly in trouble if he ‘dies’).

Chucking Poseidon into the mix could also throw a curveball here; seeing as he does rule over 70% of the world. Don’t fancy seeing the outcome of thunder vs water when Zeus and Poseidon attack each other.

In addition to the brothers, we have Athena – a mighty warrior Goddess, blessed with superhuman strength, the power to heal her wounds rapidly. She also has the brilliant ability to change her form and size to appear as another person, object or animal – pretty handy if you’re planning on battling it out with some of the mightiest gods in ancient Greek history.

And just to put a spanner in the works, we have Aphrodite and, as awkward as this is - She was Sexy. Really, really sexy! She wasn’t any good at fighting – she was once even wounded by a mortal in the Trojan wars, Diomedes (he got Ares too and went for Apollo, clearing gunning for the hat trick of god wounding that day). But that was Diomedes, pretty sure if you tried that it’d be a fight you’d lose!

Take a look for yourself, we’ve put together a Top Trump’s style Clash of the God’s.

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